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Happy New Year

I hope it's a good one for all of us! We're finally crawling out of the nightmare of 2020, and all eyes are on 2021 to see if it can do better. This year's been weird in a lot of ways -- for one thing, I've taken up art 🙂 So now I'm drawing characters from my books, and I'd love to hear what you think? (Please be nice, though, even if you don't like it).

It's been decades since I tried anything like this, but I'm up on Deviantart and I'm going to be starting putting stuff on Pinterest soon too. Here's the one I'm currently working on - it's an unfinished picture of Victoria, the protagonist of Tied to the Alien Tyrant (the third Crashland Castaway Romance, and my current project).

Unfinished sketch of Victoria

A few New Releases from my Friends

Breaths of Desire

by Octavia Kore


by L. Starfyre

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, Happy Friday to everyone else! I hope you have a great day, whether it was an important celebration for you or not. Remember to look after yourselves, too. Christmas can always be a stressful time, and this one more than most!

For me, though, it was a good day with a meal with my friends, silly Christmas movies, and a fun pile of presents. Nothing big, but all thoughtful - which to me is what matters.

It was weird visiting friends in person - I've not visited anyone in most of a year, and it's great to see my friends but doesn't feel normal anymore. I think it'll take a while to get comfortable with that kind of thing again once everything starts to get back to normal. 

So a good if weird day for me, and I hope a good one for all of you. Merry Christmas!

Hi, and welcome to my blog

I’ve left it a long time to start a blog, but here we are. Hi, I’m Leslie, writer of science fiction romance books (and sometimes paranormal romance, though it’s been a while).

I’ll be blogging about my writing, new releases, other books, and… other things as they occur to me.

Right now, my exciting news is that Pets in Space® 5 is out! I have a story, GLITCH, in this one, and I’m really excited by being in this alongside some authors I admire very much. The reviews have been really good, too, and I love some of the comments about GLITCH, like this one in a 5 star review:

I got a big kick out of Molly and her holographic companion cat, Glitch. Glitch watches out for her, and guides her to safety when she needs it most. It was thrilling watching Karnac work to convince Molly that he was not her mortal enemy. I’d say he did a fine job. Plenty of excitement, and a super-hot romance!

I’ll do a proper post about it tomorrow, when I’ve had some time to let the launch sink in. In the meantime, check out the anthology on Amazon, or find links to other vendors on the Pets in Space® website. [EDIT TO ADD: Since the book is no longer for sale, I've taken down the links. Look forward to Pets in Space 6, coming later in 2021!]

If you want to get in touch with me, I love hearing from readers. You can always contact me through the About Me link, or the social media buttons at that top of the page!