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One Month to Go!

In just one month's time, I'll be releasing Alien's Mercy, my entry into the Outlaw Planet Mates shared world series. It's so good to be working with so many other authors on a project like this!

And that's not the only release of mine coming up! The Monsters After Dark anthology is out on the 26th of October, and has a story from me in it too. It's going to be a busy few weeks!

Now it's off to sleep for me (2am here!). Just needed to let this out into the world.

It's Not Quite A New Release, But...

The First Crashland Collection Crashlands on Tuesday

Which I maybe should have mentioned earlier, but it's all been so chaotic here I haven't had a chance.

This release brings together the three books that made the start of the Crashland series - Auric, Torran, and Ronan. This series a lot to me, and I don't quite know why. I love all my books, but the Crashland setting special. I'm very much looking forward to releasing the sixth book next month (I hope), and then starting work on the third trilogy!

I know it's been a long delay since my new release, and the next book is still only part done. Sorry to everyone who's been waiting on Tied to the Alien Tyrant, it will come out soon. I've figured out what's been stopping me - I needed glasses! That shouldn't have been a surprise, given how blurry everything had started looking, but somehow that hadn't occured to me. Now I just have to get used to being able to see what I'm typing without straining all the time!

That means I can hope to start catching up on my writing now, and hopefully have a somewhat faster release schedule!

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Out now!

Home, Doom, and Books

I'm typing this sleepy as heck, after having spent far too much of last night watching the US election results. Not really results, though, since the whole thing is still up in the air and a long way to go before it's settle.

Still, while it's tighter than I'd like, there's hope! And hope is enough for now.

Best wishes to all my US friends, and may things go well in the coming days.  Remember to take care of yourselve - no matter how worrying or stressful it gets out there, you still need food and drink.

As for books, we're now into the last week of Pets in Space® 5's charity run . If you want to get twelve great science fiction romance stories, each starring its own cute animal companion, then this is a great opportunity: Until November 11th, 10% of all sales go to Hero-Dogs.org so you can do good by reading! How awesome is that? 

Here are some of my friends' new releases this week:

Roar by Skye MacKinnon, the seventh and final book in her Catnip Assassins series. and I'm looking forward to 

A Handful of

A few of my friends have had new releases this week, so I wanted to show them off and give my readers the chance to but them. Please remember I may not have had a chance to read these yet, but I will only pick books I think look good.

Also remember - I'm an Amazon affiliate, and so might make a little money from you clicking through my links

Roar (Catnip Assassins Book 7)
by Skye MacKinnon

It's time for the last meow.

Her whole life, Kat has been fighting for survival. For her freedom.

Now she's done. She wants peace. Even if that means having to risk everything she loves.

The final book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series full of action, suspense and cat puns. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won't have to choose.

Get it on Amazon here

Warlord's Return (Chanmele Barbarian Warlords Book 6)
by Cynthia Sax

Ariq is a barbarian warrior seeking a war.
He locates that battle when he meets Xareni.

Ariq is one of Chamele’s top warriors. A genetic predisposition to fighting, paired with intensive training and experience, has honed the scarred male into an effective killing machine. He loves war, can’t live without combat.

The Succession Wars, however, have finally ended and the Chamele sector is now at peace. Seeking excitement and purpose, the barbarian warrior accompanies his Second to the Refuge, an outlaw settlement on Carinae E. He hopes to locate the battle he’s been craving there.

Ariq finds that conflict and more when he meets his fated mate.

Xareni owes the Ruler of the Refuge a favor. That’s the only reason she has returned to the settlement. She doesn’t like crowds or structures or a certain barbarian warrior who insists on following her everywhere. It doesn’t matter that there’s a connection between them, that he makes her burn with desire, that he looks at her with heat in his dark eyes. She’s a monster and monsters don’t need anyone.

Get it on Amazon now

A Fistful of Cyborgs: Cyborgs on Mars, Book 2 Audiobook

By Honey Phillps

A cynical cyborg. A woman with too many secrets. A shared past that could tear them apart - or bring them together.

S-756 despises all humans, but he hates the scientists who tortured him and turned him into a cyborg most of all. The long years terraforming Mars have only cemented that hatred. When his duty forces him to rescue an endangered scientist, he is shocked to discover that she is the alluring woman who betrayed him. No matter how much his long-forgotten heart rejoices, he knows he can never trust her.

Addie paid a terrible price to save the man she loved. When she encounters him again, she is both thrilled and terrified. Her feelings towards the massive cyborg haven’t changed, but how can she explain what she did, especially when she has another secret to keep? When a dark plot forces them to collaborate, can they move on from their tragic past and find a new future together?

Get it on Amazon now