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Happy Pride Month

I may be a few days late, but I wish everyone a happy Pride, and love to all of my LGBTQ+ friends and visitors. You are valid, and you are loved, and I am glad that you are here.

Me, I fall into the Bi part of the LGBTTQ. I don't talk about it much, so it's no surprise if you didn't know, but it's not a secret either. And this being Pride Month, I thought I would share it with my readers and anyone else who sees this blog.

Whoever you are, however you identify, be kind to yourselves and each other.


A Beginning and an End + Science Fiction Romance News

Hopefully, anyway! Today I gor my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and I'm feeling wiped out by it. Or, I expect, I'm feeling worn out because I'm letting go of a big worry I hadn't really noticed. Perhaps that means I'll be able to sleep a full night? That would be nice.

Science Fiction Romance News

In writing news, I reached the end of Tied to the Alien Tyrant, the third book in the Crashland Castaway Romances. There's still a lot of work to do before I can publish it, but this marks an important stepping-stone. I know it's been a long time between books, and I'm sorry about that, but this past year has been hard on me. With luck I'll be able to put that behind me and get to work seriously on my next project... I have another science fiction romance book planned in the near future, and it's very exciting! I'll let you know more when it has things like a title and a launch date!