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Pets in Space is in StoryBundle

Woo! It's an honour to be in a collection like this, and great to see a collection I contributed to in such great company! There are lots of books worth your time here, even if you've already got Pets in Space® 5 itself. Just check out the books included, and best of all it's pay what you want (minimum $5).  And with a charity donation to Hero-Dogs.org as well, it's a bargain.

I'm going to get it too, there are lots of books by gre4at authors that I haven't read. Please join me, let's make it a huge success!

Get the bundle Here!

The Our Heroes Sci-Fi Bundle - Curated by Melissa Snark

The hero is at the core of every great story—facing fierce foes, defying death, fighting for the greater good... The Our Heroes Sci-Fi StoryBundle celebrates the men and women who undertake an epic journey, sacrificing so that others may be spared pain and suffering.

Our collection features a robust range of science fiction books from subgenres ranging from space opera to time travel to galactic exploration. These novels have been handpicked based on their excellent reviews, professional editing and covers, and, of course, superior storytelling—all curated especially for you, our loyal readers.

Keeping with our heroic theme, a portion of our proceeds goes to benefit Hero-Dogs.org, a non-profit corporation that "improves quality of life for our nation's heroes by raising, training, and placing service dogs and other highly skilled canines, free of charge with lifetime support of the partnerships." 

Melissa Snark, curator of the Our Heros Bundle