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A Secret Science Fiction Romance Project -Claimed Among the Stars

I can finally talk about the secret! I'm among the 50 authors contributing to Claimed Among the Stars, an anthology for charity coming out next year. It's up for pre-order now, and I can hardly wait for it to be released. Fifty amazing authors, all working on this one book - it gives me chills to be included with them.

This is one of the reasons I love the science fiction romance community - I've had the chance to meet, and now work with, so many awesome people. And we also get to give to a good cause: the proceeds of Claimed Among the Stars go to benefit he National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation.

But the anthology will only be available for a limited time when it comes out, so you might want to pre-order it now. It's only 99c, it's for a good cause, and it's going to be amazing, I promise. I'll leave you with a promo image for the collection - beautiful, isn't it? Science fiction romance books can get such lovely covers.

Claimed Among the Stars, a science fiction romance anthology

My writing plans, and where I'm at now

Pets in Space® Cover and Link

I'll start by looking back: I'm hugely grateful to the Pets in Space® 5 authors for inviting me to join them this year. It's been a privilege and a joy to work with them, and I'm looking forward to next year already!

It's also great that the book did so well, and got so many great reviews. If you haven't read it yet, remember that 10% of each sale (or read in Kindle Unlimited) goes to charity until November 11th. There's still time to get twelve great stories and give money to charity!

Bound to the Alien Barbarian Cover and LinkOn to the future: I'm trying to settle my writing plans ahead of time now, so you readers know what to expect and I've got something solid to work towards. At the moment I'm nearly done with the second Crashland Castaway Romance (following Bound to the Alien Barbarian) and I'm looking forward to getting it out of my brain and into readers' Kindles. It's the romance between two characters from earlier Crashland books, which makes it fun to write since I know them both already.

I'm expecting that to be out in early November, so what's next on the cards. For the last few books I've been alternating between Crashland books and Salvaged Hearts, so if I stick to the old plan it'll be back to the crew of the Ladies' Choice and the alien super-soldiers they wake up. But I'm not sure now, maybe I'd be better off finishing the Crashland Castaway trilogy? Or writing a Christmas book? (I've been thinking of writing A Very Crashland Christmas since last year). Or something completely different, even.

I'm interested in what you think. At the moment, the Christmas idea is winning, but it's not very fleshed out yet. Still, that, followed by Salvaged Hearts 3 and then Crashland Castaway 3 is the Semi-Official-Plan for my writing right now.

Let me know in the comments if you think there's a better plan, a book you'd rather see, or really anything you want to add!