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Outlaw Planet Mates + New and Improved Site

Posted by Leslie on November 18, 2021

I've spent too much time in the past week trying to fix up my website after a confusion of hosting broke it, but I'm back and I've fixed up some stuff that needed fixing. So hopefully the site will work better, now, and maybe I'll be better able to keep up the blog.

Miracles can happen, right?

Aside from that, I have news! That I would have put out sooner, if my blog hadn't been down.

Alien's Mercy is out!

And I am incredibly happy with the review it's getting.  The rest of the Outlaw Planet Mates books released so far are doing wonderfully, too, and I'm proud to be in such great company! Here are the books that are out so far:
Alien's Challenge cover

Alien's Challenge

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. One minute Alice was camping, trying to connect with nature, then there’s this blinding white light. Gravity must have quit because Alice and her sleeping bag were floating off the ground.

Classic alien abduction.

She wakes up on an alien planet full of, you know, aliens. Outlaws. Rules are optional and people are property. So not cool. Then there’s a train robbery and she's getting abducted. Again.

But this guy? He’s a giant lizard man, just a solid wall of muscle, scales, and bad attitude. He’s dangerous and he’s gone into a mating fever, which he says is her fault.

So what is she going to do about it?

Better question, what is tall, dark and grumpy going to do about it?


Two decades ago Faris was exiled to this prison planet. Only the strong survive here.

He's too old for a mating fever but his body has other ideas. The human female is meant for his boss but there’s a change of plan. She is his and he does not share.

Alien's Challenge is a stand alone book in the Outlaw Planet Mates series. The books can be read in any order. No cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA.

Alien's Stone Heart

Alien's Stone Heart

If you think getting abducted by little green men is bad, try waking up with your stasis pod smashed into the side of a cliff. That’s what happened to me.

To top it off, I get rescued by an alien gargoyle! He’s huge and hard as rock, with sharp teeth, horns, and a freakin’ tail. And now, we’re both on the run because of me.

Xadren can’t keep me, but he promises to bring me somewhere safe. My goal now is to survive the next few days without falling for my stone-faced protector. Easy, right?

I messed up. Now I’ve got assassins on my tail. My plan to hide on this outlaw planet gets waylaid when a slave ship crash lands on the planet and drops a stasis pod with a human female inside right next to my hiding spot.

Curious, I check out the merchandise. That’s mistake number two because now I have a human female to care for and both the slavers and the assassins after me.

I’m in no state to claim a mate, but the more time we spend together, the more I realize I can never let her go.

Alien's Fate cover

Alien's Fate

His muscles have muscles and even though he looks human he's a purple alien!

Claire just wanted to help the small island off the coast of South America with her newly obtained microbiologist degree. One second she's boarding the plane to take her to her new life, the next second she loses consciousness. She travels far away.

Out of this world.

Her eyes open to the hunkiest man dressed as a purple alien telling her she crash-landed on the planet. He tells her she's the alien and this isn't planet Earth.

She believes he abducted her, as in an alien abduction.

What now?

Derix’s spaceship crashed on the prison planet over a year ago. All he wants to do is fix his spaceship and escape until the human crashed near his camp. Until she needed him to save her. Now all he wants to do is make her his.

Alien’s Fate is a part of the Outlaw Planet Mates series but is a stand alone book. Guaranteed with a HEA, no cliffhangers, and nothing but steamy hot attraction and love.

Alien's Sacrifice cover

Alien's Sacrifice

I'm shoved in the ocean for a hungry alien kraken god to snack on. I expect to die. Friendless, hopeless, a billion miles away from home.

I'm resigned to my fate until three silver aliens show up with a grudge to settle and serious weaponry. They save me from becoming a human smorgasbord and fight off the cultists who sent me off to die. They swear to get me off this cursed prison planet before anything else gets a taste for human meat.

The problem?

I might have a taste for something... foreign myself. Especially with all these loaded looks these seductive aliens keep casting my way. Besides, what's a little fun when you're far away from home?

I definitely won't catch any feelings...

Aliens' Sacrifice is a standalone book in the Outlaw Planet Mates series. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

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